Laser Vein Treatment (CoolGlide®)

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Laser Vein Treatment (CoolGlide®)

Laser Vein Treatment (CoolGlide®)

Laser Vein Treatment (CoolGlide®)


The CoolGlide Laser Vein Treatment is the newest form of vein treatment available today, that makes use of the ideal laser wavelength to treat vein related issues ranging from spider veins to blue reticular veins, in a quick and safe manner.

The CoolGlide Laser Vein Treatment can also be used to effectively treat other vascular lesions such as port wine stains and even blood blisters. 


There are various benefits to opting for a session of the CoolGlide Laser Vein Treatment:

  1. It offers speed, comfort and long-lasting results.
  2. Works on any part of the body, and is treated with less discomfort than other alternatives.
  3. Can be used to target even small veins, that are harder to reach using other methods.
  4. Lesser chances of bruising or scarring as the CoolGlide emits light impulses to treat the target regions.

However, one must consider the potential risks as well, before opting for this treatment:

  1. Possible redness and swelling in the region immediately after the treatment
  2. Potential bruising or blistering in the target region (very rare cases)

It is imperative to note that, while swelling and redness may occur after the procedure, these effects will only last a while, and will fade away in no time.


There are a few steps that one needs to follow in order to ensure a smooth treatment that yields maximum results:

  1. Avoid tanning a few weeks prior to the treatment, as the tan may interfere with the procedure.
  2. Avoid applying makeup to the target regions before the treatment, as the make up could absorb the light impulses, causing irritation and discomfort during the procedure.
  3. Do shave or clip the hairs in the target region beforehand, so as to get the best out of the treatment without any interference from the hairs. 
  4. Do consult the doctor beforehand if you feel you may need to take painkillers before the treatment. The doctor can guide you further on the do’s and don’ts of the pre-treatment requirements.



Once prepped, the CoolGlide Laser Vein Treatment will begin. The CoolGlide handpiece is gently placed on the target area, upon with the laser systems within send light impulses that cause the blood to coagulate in the vein. 

Eventually, this vein will be destroyed and reabsorbed by the body naturally, redirecting blood flow into the deeper veins beneath the skin. 

Depending on the number of problem veins, its location and size, the number of sessions required may vary, but the typical frequency is about 1 to 2 sessions. 


Following your treatment, you may observe swelling and redness in the target region, which will fade away in a few hours post-treatment. In the case of larger veins, a brownish pigment may remain for a few weeks or months post-treatment, which should fade away slowly. 

You will be able to resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure. However, vigorous activities, such as strenuous exercise, should be avoided for 24 hours after the treatment. When going out, it is also recommended to use sunscreen to protect the skin in the target region from excessive sun exposure.


For Consultation and Treatment option for

Laser Vein Treatment (CoolGlide®)

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