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Neuromodulator (Wrinkle Treatment)

Neuromodulator (Wrinkle Treatment)

Wrinkle Treatment Singapore


Neuromodulators are chemical compounds that are injected into the skin to help alleviate signs of ageing and remove wrinkles. The most commonly used neuromodulator is Botulinum toxin A, used to reduce fine line, wrinkles and saggy skin. 

While neuromodulators are majorly used for cosmetic reasons, they are also very helpful when it comes to treating non-cosmetic problems. Issues such as migraines and excessive sweating can be treated using neuromodulator injections. 


Neuromodulators help clear facial lines that are caused due to muscle movement. Hence, wrinkles caused by sun damage or sagging skin cannot be fixed with these injections. However, they can help with the following facial lines:

  1. Crow’s feet (wrinkles by the side of your eyes)
  2. Excessive sweating
  3. Excessive oiliness 
  4. Frown lines
  5. Forehead folds, and others.

It is also imperative for you to know the risks associated with getting neuromodulator injections. Upon consultation with the doctor, you will be further briefed on this. But a few general pointers to look out for are as follows:

  1. Mild soreness and bruising in the region post treatment
  2. Headaches or droopy eyelids post treatment

You may even be asked to avoid the treatment if you are pregnant, have a neurological disorder or are breastfeeding. Certain medications such as blood-thinners could also affect the treatment, and you may be advised according to the situation by the doctor. 


You will have to consult the doctor to exactly identify your problem areas and fix your appointment accordingly. Your medical history will be examined so as to ensure that the treatment can be done with little to no risk factors. 


A fairly simple procedure, a Neuromodulator injection will be administered to you in about 30 minutes depending on the problem region and the complexity of the wrinkles. 

The procedure doesn’t require any anesthetic; however, you may request for a topical one or an ice pack to soothe the region if pain or discomfort persists. The injection are generally painless and are administered in a series of small shots to the problem region. 


Once the procedure is complete, you may resume your daily tasks as usual without any interruptions. However, it is important to note that the targeted region may be sensitive and should not be touched/pressed post treatment. You may also feel like your muscle movement has reduced in the region. But, do not worry, as you will still be able to express emotions naturally, without make it seem like you have had ‘work done’. 

It is also imperative to note that neuromodulator injections are not a sure-shot fix to facial lines. The injections must be administered every few months in order to have its effects last longer. After a session, the effects of the neuromodulators will start to show in 3-4 days and will fade away in a few months, upon which a top up session will be needed. If you wish to, however, stop the treatment, the facial lines may begin to appear again as the effects of the injections wear off. 

For Consultation and Treatment option for

Neuromodulator (Wrinkle Treatment)

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