Ultherapy Treatment

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Ultherapy Treatment Singapore

Ultherapy Treatment Singapore

Ultherapy Treatment


Ultherapy Treatment is a non-invasive procedure that helps lift the chin, brows and neck regions while also improving facial lines as well as wrinkles on the upper chest (decolletage). 

Ultherapy makes use of ultrasound waves that penetrate deeper into the skin to stimulate collagen production in a non-invasive manner. It is the only procedure that has an FDA clearance from the US!

Ultherapy provides a better and safer alternative to a surgical facelift treatment, while providing visible results soon after your sessions, with minimal recovery time.


Ultherapy provides a variety of benefits including:

  1. Stimulation of collagen production
  2. Natural facelift and skin tightening with long-lasting results
  3. Safe, quick and non-invasive procedure
  4. Minimal to no downtime post-treatment
  5. Customizable and personalised treatment

Even though minimal, Ultherapy also poses a few risks/side effects, including:

  1. A sensation of heat or tingling, that fades away soon after the treatment
  2. Redness in the treated region for a while after the treatment
  3. Short-term sensations of swelling or tenderness
  4. Rare occurrence of numbness or bruising in the area

However, these side effects are quick to fade away, shortly after the treatment. On the rare occasion of them, persisting for longer, it is imperative to seek medical attention.


There is little to no preparation required for an Ultherapy session. Regular diets, exercise and work routines can be maintained before and after the treatment. 

Before the procedure, do note that make up and other skincare products must be removed. Although generally painless, you may consult the doctor beforehand if you wish to take any painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications. If they are ones to affect driving, do arrange for other means to get home. 


Once the procedure has begun, the skin in the region will be cleaned and an ultrasound gel will be applied. The Ultherapy device will then be placed on the skin and using an ultrasound viewer, the device settings will be adjusted to your skin conditions. 

Ultrasound energy is then passed through the device onto the skin, which may cause quick feelings of heat or tingling. If any discomfort is experienced, pain medication can be administered accordingly. 

The entire procedure can last up to 90 minutes depending on the region targeted. Once completed, the device is removed from the skin and you will be briefed on the final aftercare steps.


There is little to no downtime for an Ultherapy Treatment session. Regular activities can be resumed right after the treatment. 

Do note that the first signs of the results will start to appear a few days later, depending on your body’s ability to create collagen. The full results will gradually appear over a few months and will stay on as long as the skin produces collagen. Once the natural ageing process has taken over, the effects will diminish, upon which you may choose to appear for more sessions.

For an Ultherapy Treatment in Singapore consult with Dr. Ang, call  +65 6353 3851.

For Consultation and Treatment option for

Ultherapy Treatment Singapore

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