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Nail Problems

Nail Problems

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Nail Problems- When healthy, your nails are smooth and have a consistent colouration. As we age, the nails tend to lose its shine and may develop vertical ridges. However, this is part of the natural ageing process and hence, is harmless. 

However, nail problems or abnormalities can be harmful. They are caused by a variety of factors including injuries to the hand or foot, viral warts, infections, and even as a side effect of medications such as those used for chemotherapy. 

Some nail abnormalities can also be equated to underlying health conditions. However, in order to accurately diagnose this, detailed examinations are required. 

The most common forms of nail problems known are as follows:

  • Beau’s Lines
  • Clubbing
  • Koilonychia or Spooning
  • Leukonychia or White Spots
  • Mees’ Lines
  • Onycholysis
  • Pitting
  • Terry’s Nails
  • Yellow Nail Syndrome


If you happen to experience any of the following, it is advisable to seek medical attention:

  1. Discolouration of the nail (dark or white streaks; drastic changes in nail colour)
  2. Changes in nail shape (curling or clubbing)
  3. Changes in nail thickness (gains or loses thickness)
  4. Brittle nails
  5. Pitted nails
  6. Bleeding around the nail region
  7. Swelling or redness in the area
  8. Pain around the nails
  9. Nails separating from the surrounding skin



Many nail abnormalities can be taken care of by following nail care tips. These are a few general steps you can follow to ensure that your nails are in good health:

  1. Do not pull on the hangnails
  2. Do not bite or tear your nails
  3. Trim your nails after you bathe, as they are softer in that short period
  4. Keep your nails dry and clean
  5. Trim your nails using sharp clippers/nail scissors and round the edges gently
  6. Make use of nail lotions or oils to moisturize nails and cuticles
  7. Avoid long term use of nail polishes and removers
  8. Ensure your preferred nail salon is professionally certified and uses sterilized equipment

For a Nail Problems Treatment consult with Dr. Ang, call  +65 6353 3851.

For Consultation and Treatment option for

Nail Problems

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